Torchlight: an Introduction

-We believe the modern (American) church has become tame.

Christianity is not a sanitized religion. At least, it shouldn’t be. Rather, we should remember that even Jesus wasn’t above getting His hands dirty. He broke bread with tax collectors. He washed people’s feet. He ministered in the world. Though He is the perfect Son of God, Jesus humbled Himself to live and die among- and for- sinners. This is a radical idea. A savage, actionable obedience is required. Not the comfort of cushioned seats or air conditioned sanctuaries. Not the faith that panders to our culture.

We believe Jesus is the Son of God, who died on the cross to pay the price for our sins and is worth our obedience because he is the ONLY way to the Father.

Enough said.

We believe in the Great Commission.

He has called us to change the world because He is the light to eradicate the darkness. Many have lost the fervor necessary to spread the Gospel. We’re commanded to do so. We are called to suffer in His name. We are called to make disciples.

We believe in Scripture.

The Bible is God’s conversation with us. Scripture isn’t easy and isn’t always pleasant. But God demands we come to Him on His terms, not ours. We cannot withhold the truth in the words. There are times when the verses are hard to hear, but we MUST listen.

We believe Christianity is worth it.

Torchlight is the bare bones of a ministry meant to share Jesus with the world. We exercise savage faith. Unapologetic faith. We are growing and expanding as God finetunes how we attend His purpose. We are part of His church, currently connected by internet connections, but if it is His will, that should eventually change. We seek to share His hope, His Gospel, His truth… with the rest of the world and use His light to illuminate the darkness. We cannot reach the Father, except through His Son.