So, I have this thought I’d like to share with you. Some of you have been around since Torchlight began under the moniker Operation Torchlight. It is not just a blog, though it originated that way; rather, it is the building blocks of a ministry I feel led towards. In December of 2019, Torchlight saw a reboot and less involvement from Emmanuel while he focuses on his personal walk with God. Time, money, and energy have been invested to start forging it into what it will become. More importantly, prayer and faith have reinforced it.
So, my thought- I want to open up a new page on the site in the near future for others to voice what they feel God has put on their hearts. Why? God never commanded us to follow Him alone. Sometimes, we have to reach out and offer a hand to our fellow human.
If you or anyone you know wants to share your thoughts, fears, walk with God, testimony, whatever- as long as it isn’t hate fueled and wicked (doesn’t conflict with the Gospel)- you can submit those on the contact page. Messages will come directly to me for review. I say review as we may make suggestions for spelling and grammar for cohesiveness and presentation’s sake. This is entirely voluntary, so there will not be any monetary compensation for submission. That being said. you will be given full credit/rights for what you submit.
Thanks for your time. And I hope you’re keeping God and hope present during these trying times.