A new beginning

I have been thinking. A lot and often. Recently, I transcribed my entries to a notebook with the intention of deleting them and closing the site. Someone pointed out to me that, as things are, this is just a blog from two guys. She is right. Well, she was right. I started this process of transcribing so I could soothe my conscience when I shut it down.

Something happened as I did.

I started talking to God again. I started listening again. And the transformation started to occur. Torchlight is necessary, but it cannot just exist as a blog. I’m going to strip down my old posts to bare bones and revitalize them with the Word of God. I’m going to add the depth they were missing. God has called me into ministry and mine starts here.

So I’m asking you for something. Let’s connect. Let’s start something this world desperately needs. Let’s bring the torch of Jesus to our communities. Let’s be the mouthpiece of the holy spirit. Let’s give each other the encouragement we absolutely need.

This is not about me. We are His church. We are His children. No more hiding in the shadows. Let’s do this.

Over the next year, I’m going to transform the page to something new. We will no longer be Operation Torchlight. We will be Torchlight. I will explain in a later post. We will try for some new material and types of media. I need prayers.

I love you guys and I’m praying for you.

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